A Climate of Denial


Earlier today, I read a great blog post by Emmett Rensin. In case you’re interested in checking it out, here’s a link to the piece:


Among other things, Rensin maintains that it isn’t actually the climate deniers who are stymying action on global warming; it’s those of us “in the reality-based community” who know better and yet fail to demand action.

Why are we failing? Because we’re in denial. We don’t want to think about the ways climate change will affect our lives, so we refuse to face the truth.

Now, you might think that global-warming coverage in the media—well, the mainstream and left-wing media at least—would help us face the facts.  As Rensin sees it, however, the political press is in fact enabling our denial by consigning “any mention of climate change to a clearly labeled box. . . . Meanwhile, their other sections, without malice or intention,” make predictions about the future “without any mention of a warming globe.” So, on A-7, we read the dire warnings of climate scientists, while on A-2 through 4, we marvel at advances in technology that are expected to occur by 2050. But Rensin’s point is that unless we take measures to mitigate global warming now, predictions that depend “on the continuity of present civilization” are nothing but hot air.

*          *          *          *          *          *          *

In my next post, I’ll speculate about why the media enables our denial concerning climate change (and other environmental issues). I hope you’ll join me.


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