Bypassing Beef Brings Big-Buck Bang


In an earlier post, I said that any hope of stopping the unraveling of the ecosphere depends on a paradigmatic shift of values, from craving wealth and the stuff it buys to nurturing living things.  And I’ve argued a number of times that we need to reduce our consumption of unnecessary stuff.  But cutting back on some things does more good than cutting back on other things.  So if you’d like some big-bang-for-your-buck ideas, here’s one: Reduce or, better still, eliminate beef from your diet.

The link below will take you to an article from The Guardian, entitled: “Giving Up Beef Will Reduce Carbon Footprint More Than Cars, Says Expert.”

Future posts will include other ideas for consumption reduction with outsized results.  (Big thanks to Sean and Jerry for the suggestion.) 




2 thoughts on “Bypassing Beef Brings Big-Buck Bang

  1. Sean Odell

    I’ve just finished reading Greenwashed by Kendra Pierre-Louis. She is another firm believer in consuming less. She shows the folly of trying to cure our ecological woes by buying green. But something is lacking. The motivation for consuming less. The “profit motive” so to speak. Long term: the planet will be unfit for human life. Short term? I can easily turn a blind eye. Put it off. Let somebody else take care of it. What is needed is motivation. Maybe a points system. Social points. Social media points? A charismatic leader or leaders is needed (a cross between Rachel Carson and Ralph Nader but, you know, not so depressing and annoying.) How a about a political campaign? Oh, better yet, an advertising campaign. We need a leader to propose the greatest national agenda since the space race.

    • Thanks so much, Sean, for your insightful response! I agree with everything you wrote; in fact, I’m working on some ideas for providing that sort of motivation. Sorry to be cryptic, but I think the timing of presenting those ideas is critical, and I’m not quite ready to roll them out. I plan to be ready soon. . . . More later. In the meantime, please stay tuned, and thanks again!

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