Consumption Reduction


In this blogpost, Mr. Welch shares some excellent suggestions for reducing waste. Thanks, Mr. Welch!


The majority of the stuff that comes in (and out) of my house is food. If we are to have a discussion about what we buy, food is usually the biggest area of (physical) consumption – by weight, by number of shopping trips, by volume…

When looking at my trash and recycle bins, food is by far the most of what is going out. Some of it is food, and some of it is packaging. The packaging is mostly a result of pre-made “convenience” food, most of which is over-processed crap. How can we reduce this waste? Well, what is it? Some of it is food, and a lot of it is packaging. Let’s look at food waste first.

Food Waste

1. Purchasing: Some of us purchase too much food. I know I have been at the store and think “I’d love to make [this yummy dish]” and then purchase the…

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