Yew as You


I hope you’ll check out a repost from last summer. It’s called “Yew as You.” It’s about interconnections throughout the ecosphere & across time. Thanks, ever so, for your time and attention.

Sally Wengrover, Ph.D.

What I’m about to say will probably seem odd, because we tend to see ourselves as separate and distinct from our surroundings, but the boundary between us and the environment is not a distinct line—as in, we’re here inside our skins and the environment is over there outside us. In fact, the boundary between us and not-us is a blur.

In case this notion of blurry boundaries sounds bizarre, I’ve included a few brief examples of our fuzzy edges below.

Let’s start with food. When we eat, we incorporate into our bodies atoms that resided in a living plant or animal body until the very recent past. A few hours after we eat, some lucky microbes will be blessed with the opportunity to dine on elements of our (to be delicate) digestive waste, and after that, larger critters will feast on those delectable little microbes. Even further down the line…

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