Environmental Policy: Not Just for Wonks


GREETINGS, Dear Reader! For several months, I stopped blogging while I prepared my book, It’s Up to Us, for publication on Kindle. And now, I’m happy to announce, the book is on the Amazon website. If you’d care to take a look, you can find it by clicking this link:


It’s Up to Us is a book about environmental policy. As a rule, books on that subject don’t attract a broad range of readers. Most people know little—if anything—about environmental policy, and they’d just as soon keep it that way.

At this point in history, however, it’s vital that we all understand some unfortunate facts: (1) the ecosphere is unraveling rapidly; (2) the methods we’ve been employing to correct environmental problems aren’t getting the job done; and (3) in order to prevent a slew of dire consequences from occurring, we must get involved, as individuals, in cleaning up the environmental mess we’ve created. It’s Up to Us discusses those facts. At the same time, it demonstrates that our environmental predicament, while serious, offers us the opportunity to reset our values, break free from the chains of consumerism, and enjoy a life full of simple joys.

Here’s what Herman Daly, the “Father of Ecological Economics,” had to say about It’s Up to Us:

Sally Wengrover, PhD, knows her business, and is careful and thorough in her research. This book is a scholarly tour de force of environmental policy analysis and economics, and I highly recommend it. Sally has an irrepressible sense of humor that enlivens the reading of some of the dry technical material. Some of the widely accepted ideas and policies that good scholarship forces her to cover, however, are so ludicrously and perniciously wrong that their focused consideration cannot be endured for extended periods without damage to one’s brain. So after diving deeply into the high-pressure nonsense of growthism (environmental Kuznetz Curve, geo-engineering, entropy reversal, denial of climate change, etc.), Sally has to be careful in re-surfacing to the normal atmosphere, lest she and her readers get the bends. Her means of controlling decompression is to pause now and then for some moments of purposeful silliness—some nutty rest interludes, but less nutty than the deeply serious junk science (or sometimes good ideas) she has just explained. Some readers will find her playful penchant for antiquated verb forms and pirate talk distracting, while others will enjoy it. But both kinds of readers will be grateful for a very insightful, positive, and honest book.

—HERMAN DALY, Emeritus Professor, School of Public Policy, University of Maryland; author of dozens of journal articles and numerous books, including Beyond Growth and For the Common Good; former World Bank Senior Economist; recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Council for Science and the Environment (United States), the Honorary Right Livelihood Award (Sweden), and the Heineken Prize for Environmental Science (Netherlands).

P. S. If you’d like to watch a one-minute animated trailer for the book, please click below:


As always, thank you, Dear Reader, for giving some of your valuable time and attention to my words.


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