Questions That Hover


The following is a reblog of a post that many people seemed to enjoy the first time through. i Hope you enjoy it!


Sally Wengrover, Ph.D.

My fourth-grade teacher, Mrs. B., was one of the best teachers I had in elementary school, but she often intimidated me, and I’m pretty sure she intimidated the other kids, too.

One afternoon, she lectured for what felt like several cold, dreary months on the topic of winter wheat. The first time around, she said something like: “Winter wheat. Farmers plant it in the fall. It sprouts before the ground freezes. It waits out the winter, starts growing again in spring, and is ready to be harvested in early summer. That’s winter wheat.” Then, without missing a beat, she repeated what she had just finished saying. . . . And then she said it again.

After umpteen iterations of the story, which varied only in minute details, Mrs. B. pushed back her chair, stood up, and said:

“All right, class. What’s the name of the crop that Kansas farmers plant in…

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