When will Republicans put an end to the inquisition of Hillary Clinton? Will it stop if she loses? Will it go into overdrive if she wins?

I’ve lost track of all the hearings they’ve had concerning Benghazi. Yes, what happened there was tragic. Four Americans were killed. But where were the Republican inquisitors when terrorists killed 241 Marines in their barracks during Reagan’s presidency, and where is their retroactive anger now?

Republican politicians scream bloody murder about Hillary’s emails. They say a foreign power, hostile to the U.S., could have hacked her private server. True, but guess what. Russia did hack a highly secure server at the Democratic National Committee, and Trump and his followers cheered the Russians on. Rather than being outraged, Republicans have exploited the hacked information in order to attack Hillary and other down-ballot Democratic candidates, implying they are guilty by association.

Hillary certainly has faults, but so do the rest of us. Imagine that a large group of people, with virtually unlimited resources, put your life under a microscope. Wouldn’t they find something they could use to make you look bad? Now imagine that they put your spouse under the microscope and made you responsible for his or her conduct, too. Would you think that was fair?

Come on, people. The election is tomorrow. It’s time for the #inquisition to stop.



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