Electoral College: SAVE US FROM TRUMP!


I hope you’ll take a minute to read: “Democrats Can Stop Trump Via the Electoral College. But Not How You Think.” http://wpo.st/dJiK2  The author, Michael Cannon, is a scholar at the Cato Institute, which is a libertarian think tank. I rarely agree with libertarians, but I think Cannon’s analysis here is good. Briefly, he’s counseling Democratic electors to pick a Republican—Romney, for instance—vote for him, and then convince at least 37 Republican electors to vote for the same candidate. As Cannon sees it, this is the only way to prevent Trump from assuming the presidency.

Many of my Democratic friends, who are horrified by the prospect of a Trump presidency, have told me they’d be okay with some other Republican—almost ANY other Republican. I emphatically agree. So what do you, dear blog reader, think about urging electors (Democrats and Republicans) to vote for a consensus (non-Trump) Republican? Good idea? Bad idea?

Some Democratic members of the Electoral College have formed a group called the Hamilton Electors. They intend to vote for a Republican, whom they will choose by consensus. If you’d like more information about the Hamilton Electors, click here: http://www.hamiltonelectors.com

If you’d like to contact members of the Electoral College directly, #AskTheElectors makes that easy. Check out: http://asktheelectors.org

Here’s a link to another article on the subject by Kathleen Parker, “The Electoral College Should Be Unfaithful.” http://wpo.st/PeiK2